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A photo of the inside of Pépibru. You can see two people coming down a staircase on the left of the picture. And two people talking on the right; one sitting and the other standing. The atmosphere is warm and bright.
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A coworking space dedicated to companies in the audiovisual and creative sectors, a stone's throw from Brussels Midi station.

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Work with passion

Since 2021, Moonba Studio have been turning complexity into simplicity. Passionate about 2D and 3D digital design, we aim to create surprising digital content that is accessible to everyone. We always prioritise quality over quantity. Our skills include digital design, but our real focus is on user interaction.

We've worked on a number of projects that are still ongoing and, above all, confidential.

An image representing the evolution of complexity into simplicity. In abstract terms, it's half a ball of tangled wool that becomes a simple straight thread.
/ How & why

to simplicity

Being user-centred is at the heart of our approach. The first five seconds are crucial to capturing attention and ensuring ongoing engagement.

In everything we do, our ultimate goal is to design digital experiences that leave a lasting impact and create meaningful connections with users. We are committed to pushing the boundaries of creativity and technology, driving innovation and ensuring that every project we undertake is truly exceptional.

With a user-centric mindset, an unwavering passion for design and a keen eye for detail, we continue to shape a future where extraordinary digital content is accessible to all.

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before quantity

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