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With our User eXperience skills, we analyse your needs and design your ideas in every dimension.

/ Our Ux expertise

From thinking

Embrace the power of UX. Shift away from ego marketing. Differentiate yourself from competitors and deliver a user-centred experience

Our first task is to develop an in-depth understanding of your business, your vision and your project objectives. This involves organising a series of workshops with your internal teams.

/ 1


Using creative collaboration to solve problems using quick iteration processes.
What does it mean ?
Problem solving
Design Sprint
Business goals
Competitor analysis
Data gathering
/ 2

UX Strategy

Anticipating and understanding the user with empathy to shape an experience based on their mental model.
What does it mean ?
User journey mapping
Information architecture
Card sorting
/ 3

Wireframe & Flows

Producing schematic drawings to establish the structure of the pages.
What does it mean ?
Low fidelity
Heuristic Testing
/ Our UI expertise

To design

Bringing your ideas alive. Visual and animation create a memorable experience between people and technology.

/ Dynamic Creation

Interaction Design

Captivating interfaces, seamless interactions, foster brand loyalty, drive conversions, leave lasting impressions.

/ Strong Visual

UI Design

Design intuitive and visually appealing digital interfaces for an intuitive user experience.

/ Immersive Experience


Design of interactive mock-ups to visualise and validate ideas before final execution.

/ Stunning Take-off

UX Onboarding

Introduction to a product, guiding users through their first interactions to ensure a positive initial experience.

/ Another dimension

3D Creation

Crafting life like three-dimensional models and visuals to add depth and realism to digital experiences.

/ Bringing life


Bringing designs to life through dynamic motion, enhancing user engagement and creating captivating visual experiences.

/ WHY ?

Is it important to invest in UX ?

And it's more significant than you think...

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User experience is like maths: at first it's boring and you don't know what it's for. Yet it's everywhere in our world, from the bricklayer who uses Pythagoras' rule to SpaceX that makes its rockets come back.

UX is everywhere, from your favorite app to the management screen of your electric car (or 4-wheeled tablet).

Moonba is all this at once, the mathematician who makes your UX efficient and makes you understand that, however difficult it may be, it's unavoidable if you want something done right.

Philippe CAREME

Genie Vision by AGC
Manager Director & Co-Founder
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